Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Recognizing the Soul of "Entrepreneur" Since the early

When we are asked by someone when we were little, "what ideals you?". What is our response? Many of us said, want to become doctors, presidents, engineers, pilots, or any other profession. But is there any of us who replied, "want to be a businessman."? Maybe some of us have the answers like that, but there certainly is not much. Because when we were little, become an entrepreneur is a choice that "abstract" or options that are not clear among the various options other professions, we do not know, or lack of information about what an entrepreneur was.

Actually to be an entrepreneur we have learned from an early age. We remember when our school, we had been taught about the craft. The lesson of these crafts is one way of indirectly, to foster our entrepreneurial spirit. Because, in these lessons we are taught to create something and not infrequently also we are led to show our work to others. Without us realizing it, when we make these things, we think to create something favored by teachers and / or others. At that time the urge arises or the effort to make other people like it or like something that I had made. In addition, when we show our work to others, that's when we learn to introduce our work to others and indirectly we have learned to market what we have made to others.

If the work we do not get good grades or do not get many good comments from people who saw it, other times we'll try to make something that is preferred by teachers and others.

That was several points about entrepreneurship that we have got an early age. At that time, we have learned to understand and study the tastes of others and also we have learned to introduce our work to others. If we think carefully, actually what we have learned, we try and we made at the time, may have been a few times to produce works that can be used as inspiration for a business. By adding or expanding our work into a product that can be liked by others so that they can be marketed.

Actually, the basics of being an entrepreneur have we got an early age through high school. Now live how we implement business in the business world, by becoming an entrepreneur.
Hopefully !


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